Welcome to TD’s world.

Independent TD Feb 2014 Welcome to TDs world.

Me at my desk in TechnoVision

Hiya, my name is Harry ‘Tomi Davies and I have been involved in the wonderful world of information and communications technologies for over 30 years, seeing it evolve from the IBM 360 mainframe and X-25 dominated enterprise computing environment to todays highly personal, pervasive internet, cloud computing and mobile device driven world.

In that time, I have had the privilege of working in the USA, UK, Europe, Asia and Africa with fascinating people in all manner of organisations from start-up companies to multi-national corporations,  NGO’s to national governments in various roles with all kinds of responsibilities including COO and CEO.

This site is a window into my little corner of the world…..welcome!

Though I live in London, my day job is helping people use technology better through TechnoVision a Tech Services company based in Lagos, Nigeria. I also sit on the Boards of various organisations including Sproxil NigeriaStrika EntertainmentSlimtrader and MBO Capital. Through these enterprises and others in which I am involved, I try to inspire people by speaking, advising, managing and mentoring. Most of them call me TD!

As a well experienced systems analysis graduate from the University of Miami, I’ve written and published articles on various areas of IT management and co-authored business bests-sellers “Corporate Bold” and “Cracking the Success Code”.  I have also presented papers at major conferences across the globe on project management, technology & innovation and continue to be actively engaged as a consultant, advisor, speaker, blogger and mentor with investment interests in various companies. I’m a member of a variety of organizations, a RYA certified day skipper and Chairman of Mobile Monday Nigeria.

always welcome opportunities to learn through experiences that provide insight into how technology is shaping the world we are creating so feel free to make contact.


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